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Self Talk Saturday | Enough

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

YAY ITS MY FAVORITE BLOGGING DAY! I'm really excited about this one because it is very similar to the way I discussed the word "should." It means well, but when you give it too much power, it stops you from reaching your goals.

The Miriam-Webster definition of enough is as follows: in or to a degree or quantity that satisfies or that is sufficient or necessary for satisfaction. There is something very crucial happening in this definition, something that we will examine throughout this blog post. Though this word carries a daunting weight with it, enough is not a measurement or an expectation, it is simply the point at which one reaches contentment.

Enough is a crucial part of an individual's vocabulary, as it sets limits and boundaries—in doing so teaches us what things are good for us and what things are bad. If we never learn how to say "enough" we may find ourselves overindulging in things that do not cultivate a better self.

Much like the word "should," there is a flip side. If you are deeply familiar with the internal use of this word, you may be setting limits for yourself that do not truly exist. For example, if we fail in school or in the workplace, there may be a thought that we are not "smart enough" or "talented enough" to handle our responsibilities. This, of course, is a false perception based on a single moment. The amount of power we give this voice defines how much power we give that moment. If we give it lots of power, it becomes our identity, and our failures, mistakes, and fears become the way we see ourselves.

"enough" is not a measurement or an expectation, it is simply the point at which one reaches contentment.

Furthermore, the word "enough" can stop you from reaching a goal or becoming who you are truly meant to be. Often times we want to do something, but the voice pops in and says "you aren't good enough for that" "you aren't strong enough for that" "you aren't talented enough for that" "you aren't pretty enough for that" and we listen. These are lies. So here is the truth:

Saying enough is about setting fair limits, not about binding yourself to a chair. Learn when to say "enough", and do so whenever you feel it, because that is your truth.

Lastly, there is no quantitative enough. There is no measurement of your self-worth.There is no standard for you. There is only what makes YOU happy. Don't take it from me, take it from Miriam-Webster. Our thoughts guide us through our lives, and ones that tell us we aren't enough will keep us from doing anything. The only way to start living truthfully is to understand that those thoughts are lies, and remind yourself again and again that whatever you are, whatever you want, and whatever you do is enough, no matter what that is.


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