• Meghan Bellamy

An Ode to Patience

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I want to write an ode to patience, because it is something I haven’t found.

An ode to patience is also an ode to consistency, balance, understanding and peace. Patience is the thing that allows us to not punish ourselves when we are late, to not give up when things are hard, and to trust that with time and effort we will persevere. It is called a virtue for a reason, because it is the glue with which we are held together. Patience is bottomless and it is calm, it quiets the angry voices of fear and bitterness and shame. Some of us may need to find patience with others—our friends, our partners, our work associates. Some of us may need to find patience with ourselves—facing challenges, letting go of control, easing into our present state of being. I am writing this, now, because I must admit that this is one of my biggest challenges. I have always craved instant gratification, which allows me to continue to cultivate things that don’t make me happy in the long term. I think this is the human condition, and it requires discipline and reprogramming to break such a familiar cycle. My practice of growth and bettering myself requires submitting myself to learning and living within patience. And since I am a writer, it is helpful to manifest and celebrate such a process on the page.

Without further ado, here is my amateurish ode to patience:

I want to write an ode to patience. to You.

I want to flatter You, so You will want to stay

Closer to me. I want to walk

Alongside You, hand in hand, instead of chasing

You in full sprint, sweaty palms and weak knees

Collapsing as You slip away.

You are a ghost

Your absenteeism

Leaves a chair empty for

someone I did not invite.

This is my ode to You,

This is my invitation to You

To come sit and reclaim

The chair that is Yours

And whisper from Your throne

All the things you forgot to teach me.

I am listening now.

To You.

To Only You.